Saturday, November 3, 2012



Have you ever left your comfort zone and stepped out in a world unknown; that behind there's no where to go back to and in front you know not where it leads?  Or would you say that's something that you do each day when you rise not knowing how the day will end?  Well, if you stop for a while and review your life, you will come to understand that each day you've been stepping out by faith without knowing it, but just living it.

When you kiss your spouse goodbye as he embark on a business trip out of town, when you hug your children and tell them you love them and will see them later, do you know if you will ever see them again, no, sometimes you never do, but deep in your heart you hope you will and you also believe they will come home to you at the end of the day.

The famous saying "Faith is a journey, not a destination" is etched on my front door and deliberately so, because that's what it is and you take this journey each day in your different walks of life.  Sometimes the journey gets rough, sometimes there are stones that lines your pathway, sometimes you get tired and
weary and wonder when it will end, sometimes you see others idly pass you by, but  the clock ticks on and you have to believe that your day will come.  Your taste of happiness is not far away.  You cannot give up now, it could be nearer than you think.  You just have to keep stepping out by faith each day and learning from your experiences, get new strength from knowing that you're not alone, hang on to what you believe in and rise above the struggles and pain.  See yourself as a victor and not a victim and one day your faith walk will reap the dividend  of  success.