Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Facing 2014 with confidence

As 2013 slowly slips away as a full moon beneath a morning cloud, you stand at the threshold of a new day and the beginning of a new year 2014.  You know not what the future holds, you are like a blind man on a dark street feeling your way through.  Yet, although the darkness enfolds you and the path ahead seem endless and scary, you can face it with confidence knowing the following is true:

You are never alone -  God is always with you.  This is a proven fact no matter what is happening in your life at this moment.  He promised in His Words that He will never leave you nor forsake you.  He is the rock that is always there.   He will never leave you comfortless.   Seek His help at all times and He will give you the strength to go through.

There is no need to fear - God never gives you the Spirit of fear, but of sound mind.  Fear paralizes you and leave you helpless.  Fear causes you to make bad decisions, fear brings procrastination and you will never get to your destiny.  God wants to see you prosper, so you need to see your future through His eyes, not what is before you, because he holds your present and your future in the palm of His great Hands.

God wants to see you prosper  -  You may look at yourself and feel in God's eyes you're like a tiny dot, but you are more than a masterpiece in His Hands.  He has a plan for your life and He knows the path you will take to get there.  Always ask for His guidance, His wisdom and the ability to make sound decisons.  He will always open ways when everything around you seem hopeless.

God loves you  - The answer is all around you, the sunshine, the trees, the beauty of the seasons, the wonder of each new born day, each morning you awake and rise, each night you go to sleep.  God gives us free will and is courting you for your love.  He gave His best when he gave His Son and He expects your best in giving Him your heart.  

Knowing that the above is true, you should have no fear facing 2014 and beyond.

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