Thursday, February 2, 2012

Facing Valentine with an Empty Pillow

How many of you know what it is like to be sound asleep and you automatically reach beside you to touch someone that is usually there, but instead it is a lifeless, cold, empty pillow that rolls in your arms.  You sigh as reality hit you for that pillow will never be filled by that person, those arms will never warm your heart again, those legs will never loving wrap your warm body, life has taken a new turn and you wonder if it is true or maybe you are still dreaming.  Well, my friends this is life when you have lost a love one, whether by the breakup of a relationship, the end of a marriage or the death of a dear husband.

Valentine is almost here and you dread the day, but just bear in mind that this pain you are feeling is not here to stay, it will go with time.  Life changes and rearranges and you will be ok.  You have got to slowly start to get up out of the ash of mourning, and start to cherish the memories, if they were good ones, relive them and know they live on within your heart.  The bad ones will make you heal.  It’s like having a sore; it will begin to get better.   Keep that inner thought going and keep telling yourself “You are beautiful, God has made you special and He is preparing a way for you.”  Another door is about to open for you, it may be career, new friends, new hobbies, but it will get better with time.  The morning will come when you look through the windows and smile at the sunshine, see the rain, hear the thunder and lightning, see God courting you with the Fall leaves and realize that there are seasons in our lives. 

You may not be able to change the things that has happen around you, but you can start over again and find a new normal.  What is your normal, what is my normal, I cannot say I know, just know that day by day God will show you another door.  Yes, you never know what is behind it, but fear will lead to procrastination, which will never get you anywhere.  You have to face your liberation, find a meaningful hobby, make new friend, discover a new you, a new reason for living.  Later you will be at the stage that you can help others like you who are facing the same empty pillow and you can show them that it can become a solace of strength to propel them forward to an adventure of discovering a new you.  Valentine is just a day; your life is an ongoing journey of faith.

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