Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Heart 29 Clip Art
Where is your love throughout the year
Where were you when I needed you near     
Spending your time where you can dance and dine
Promising to be home on Valentine

When last have we spoken as lovers do
When last have you bought me something new
You are always on a hurry saying no time
Remember I will be home on Valentine

So you are really home on Valentine
Holding me tight and saying be kind
But my Valentine love I am sorry to say
That love for me is not only for a day

A simple poem depicting the habits of some men.  They are never there when needed most, except when they think their needs are to be satisfied.  Whether Valentine or not, we all deserve someone who is there for us and who we can share our emotions, our good times and bad times.  We all deserve the best!

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