Thursday, August 9, 2012

Are you in an abusive relationship with food?

Are you proud of your food choices today?  Did you give thanks and really made a deliberate attempt to eat something that nourishes your body, that will makes you feel satisfied that your  stomach is happy, your blood will be pumping with more vigor, your whole system is strengthened, you have done the right thing and your body is grateful?

Well, did you know that food is one of life's greatest temptation.  There's such a wide variety of food that our taste bud keep flirting with our brains that it needs to be satisfied and it need it now.  Some of us eat when we have the time and that is a bad way to eat.  We have no time for breakfast, we grab a cup of coffee, a donut and off we go.  We have no time for lunch and then when it comes to dinner time we eat everything in sight, from the fries at a fast food, the pizza around the corner to the ice cream at 10:00 p.m.  Then we pull ourselves to bed with undigested stomachs and the heart burn and the night sweats and our aches for relief and we toss and turn all night, because we have abused the beautiful temple God gave us.

So are you really thankful that God made you and you are special?  That he gave you so many tasty and delicious food around you?  Did you know that a lot of the illnesses that we experience are all there because of our diets?  Are you an emotional eater, do you eat when you are sad, do you eat more when you are upset, when a boyfriend walk out, when you are lonely,  when you feel like life has let you down?  Well, it is not easy, but it takes one step at a time.  You have one body, there's only one you.  You've got to rise from the ash of despair.  Think before you eat, make a deliberate attempt to eat a balance meal, cut down on serving sizes, eat healthy snacks, an apple, a banana, a handful of grapes, a handful of nuts, just everything in moderation.  I am not encouraging you to go on a diet - just a change of life style and whatever you do, move your body.  Get tapes, stand in front of the TV and exercise, take a walk,  make love, dance, have some fun.  Take healthy groceries home, love yourself, love life, pray and ask God to help you to have a meaningful,  long-term  relationship with food.

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