Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Who Are We Outside The Church

Like ants on a mole hill we all gather together on Sundays in different churches to worship God.  We are involved in different ways: we are on the choir, we are playing the organ, we teach Sunday School, we are worship leaders, we usher, we serve on Pastor’s Board, we are deacons, we are pastors, we are greeters, we serve in all different capacities.  However, when church is over and we leave God’s house, who are we really, how does society sees us and how do we see ourselves?
Going to church is like wearing a different hat, but does it change who we are?  God’s word is the defining factor.  It says that we should not be conform to this world, but we should be transformed by the renewing of our minds.   So when we meet in God’s house it should be like being immersed in a spiritual shower, the songs that we sing, the words that we read, the prayers and the praise, and the message that is preached all goes together to prepare our hearts while we worship Him for life outside the church. 
If you are in a service industry like the medical field, banking, restaurant attendant, etc.  give of your service in a way that pleases God, give of your best, if you are a wife or a husband be sensitive to the needs of your other half, if you are an entrepreneur run your business with integrity, if you are a writer, write from the heart, if you are a friend, let your friendship be something to cherish.   Ask God to give you a clean heart each day.  Learn the freedom of forgiving, practice the joy of giving; open your hearts to other s with a smile.  Find time to relax and breathe the freshness of the morning air, be thankful and leave a rose petal of love wherever you go. 

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